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About Us

Speak With Style is a communication skills training company in Singapore offering quality training and coaching programmes to corporate professionals and undergraduates. We empower clients to overcome their communication barriers and equip them with key tools and strategies to speak with clarity, confidence and eloquence.


  • Be easily understood and build meaningful relationships with others

  • Avoid miscommunication that can arise from speech issues

  • Present messages and ideas clearly and effectively

  • Build credibility and authority with a dynamic vocal presence 

  • Engage listeners with fluent speech patterns

  • Impress, inspire and influence others with confidence

  • Empower others towards a specific call-to-action

  • Seize opportunities to speak up at your workplace

  • Secure an important deal, project or contract with stakeholders

  • Ace an interview and land your next dream job



Speech Training Masterclass

Develop effective voice and speech techniques to transform the way you speak to others in English

Speak To Empower Programme

Overcome your public speaking fears and empower others with inspiring speeches and presentations


Ace Your Interview Programme

Empower yourself with essential tools and strategies to stand out in your next interview

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English Classes
For Adults

Enhance your language skills with our General, Business and Conversational English classes


At Speak With Style, we take pride in our training courses by placing our clients’ needs and their communication skills development at the forefront of our priorities.

We provide clients with a holistic learning experience by integrating a VOICE Framework™ into our courses, adopting an outcome-based training methodology and offering a comprehensive post-course support.


Strategic Framework

Outcome-Based Training

Post-Course Support

The trainer was extremely engaging and interactive. He displayed good voice projection which was a great way for us to emulate the right speech behaviours. The recordings and immediate feedback were impressive! Helped us uncover so much about our speaking habits within this workshop. Overall, I found the workshop very useful and I would suggest every lecturer or anyone who needs to speak often to attend this. Really enjoyed it, wish it could be longer! 

Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

Frequently asked questions

Why are some people unable to understand my accent when I speak?

It is common for non-native speakers to have an accent as we tend to speak English similarly to the way we do in our own mother tongue, particularly in our intonation patterns and pronounciation of phonemic sounds. Those unfamiliar with your accent, however, may find it difficult to understand what you are saying which is why speaking in a universally-understood manner is important to avoid miscommunication. With consistent practice to develop correct speech patterns, you will be able to neutralise your accent so that others can understand you better!

I sound dull and monotonous when I speak. Can I change this?

Yes you can. Much like learning a new musical instrument, it is possible for us to learn the art of using our voice to speak with melody and rhythm. Our Speech Training Masterclass can help you eliminate poor speech habits and develop techniques to add colour into your daily speech. We'll coach you on methods to develop a dynamic voice and inject expression and style into the way you speak.

I get nervous when I speak in front of a large audience. Can I overcome this?

Yes you can. We strongly believe that public speaking is a learnable skill and that the greatest speakers around the world were not born, they were made. Our Speak To Empower Programme is designed to train individuals on visualisation techniques to build stage confidence and transform into engaging and dynamic speakers. We coach individuals on techniques to understand the psyche of an audience and introduce proven strategies to captivate, inspire and empower listeners.

I am a non-native English speaker interested in learning the language but am unsure where to start. What should I do?

You may consider signing up for our private English Language classes that are suitable for all levels of learners (beginner, intermediate and advanced). We offer General, Business and Conversational English classes for individuals who want to improve their language skills and fluency. The right class for you depends on your current proficiency and requirements for learning the language. Find out more about our English Language classes here.




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