About Us

Who We Are

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Speak With Style is a communication skills training company in Singapore offering quality training and coaching programmes to corporate professionals and undergraduates. We empower clients to overcome their communication barriers and equip them with key tools and strategies to speak with clarity, confidence and eloquence.

As we live and work in an increasingly interconnected society with people from different backgrounds, the art of communicating effectively has become an essential skill when interacting with friends, colleagues and stakeholders. Effective communication allows us to deliver clear and concise messages, capture our listeners' attention and even avoid potential misunderstandings.

Whether individuals are required to converse with clients, conduct a presentation or deliver a speech to an audience, our programmes are strategically designed to transform clients into effective and dynamic communicators by focusing on both micro and macro aspects of speech communication and language development.

Our courses focus on a range of topics such as articulation and pronunciation techniques, vocal improvement, speech curation, building stage confidence and developing persuasion skills. From overcoming improper voice and speech patterns to equipping individuals with professional techniques to speak eloquently, our intensive and hands-on training and coaching sessions are strongly focused on empowering individuals to find their voice and confidence to influence others through impactful communication skills.

Speak With Style also offers private English classes for non-native speakers to develop their language skills and fluency. Whether individuals are new to the language or looking to further advance their current proficiency, our classes equip students with effective English skills to develop a strong language foundation, gain confidence to converse in social situations and succeed in the corporate world.

The Founder


Marc Narulla

The founder and head coach at Speak With Style, Marc specialises in professional communication skills training through group workshops and private coaching sessions. Dedicated to helping individuals excel in their daily communications and find their gift of the gab, Marc has professionally coached and empowered individuals across Asia into effective and confident communicators. His expertise lies in public speaking & presentation skills, voice & speech coaching, accent neutralisation and English language for adults. 


Marc started his career hosting events and acting in local theatre and Mediacorp productions. He held positions as a Communications Specialist (Asia-Pacific) at Johnson & Johnson and as an Internal Communications Analyst at DBS Bank, executing a wide range of communication strategies to amplify the business’ position as frontrunners in healthcare and digital transformation respectively.


Marc was also a voice & speech coach and co-founder at The Gift of Gab, where he conducted public speaking and speech training programmes to corporate executives, educators, aspiring speakers and tertiary education students. Some of the past clients that Marc has worked with come from Maybank, Citibank, NTUC, Phillips, Courts, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Nanyang Polytechnic.


Marc graduated with a double major in Human Resource Management & Management from Murdoch University. He also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from the Cambridge English Language Assessment (University of Cambridge) and is a registered instructor with the Ministry of Education in Singapore.