Build your language skills and fluency to succeed in English-speaking environments



Our General English classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners who want to improve in all areas of the English Language. Based on your language proficiency, we will introduce you to a variety of interactive speaking, reading, listening and writing exercises to strengthen key language, vocabulary and grammar skills. Our classes are designed to help you build a strong foundation of the language that will open up doors for you to an exciting international world.

Key Outcomes

  • Build an extensive range of vocabulary skills and understand the different functions of grammar

  • Progressively improve your English proficiency in areas of speaking, reading, listening and writing

  • Gain confidence to communicate effectively in English

  • Learn practical language skills to succeed in English-speaking environments

Proficiency Level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced




Are you looking for a job or currently working in an international company? English has become the language of international businesses and is required by most multi-national companies today. Our Business English classes are designed to equip you with effective business communication skills needed to succeed in a challenging corporate world. Build your business vocabulary and other language skills as we expose you to a variety of practical business scenarios such as job applications, email writing, meetings, presentations and dealing with workplace conflicts.

Key Outcomes

  • Communicate with greater fluency in everyday professional situations

  • Gain confidence to value-add in meetings and discussions

  • Increase your workplace productivity

  • Seize business opportunities and advance your career

Proficiency Level

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced




Our Conversational English classes aim to build your speaking confidence and fluency to enable you to communicate accurately in social situations. You will learn a wide range of useful phrases, expressions and interactive dialogues that you can use confidently in everyday conversations. Our classes are also designed to give you maximum opportunities to talk about common conversation topics as we help you build on your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar skills.

Key Outcomes

  • Start speaking English more naturally

  • Express your thoughts, ideas and opinions clearly and confidently

  • Improve social communication and network with greater confidence

  • Engage in quality conversations and build meaningful relationships with people around you

Proficiency Level

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced



It is important for you to determine your current level of learning to ensure that you join the right class. 

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We understand that it may not be an easy decision to sign up for our classes without knowing what to expect.

Therefore, we offer a one-hour trial class at S$40 nett for you to experience our teaching style and lesson approach.


10 hours


20 hours


30 hours




2 hours per lesson


1-2 times a week

*Contact us to schedule your preferred session timings

*Prices are nett and inclusive of registration fees, handouts and supplementary learning materials



Whether you live in a different country, have a busy schedule or simply prefer to learn English in the comfort of your own home, we offer private online classes for all levels of learners. Learn English through an interactive virtual classroom experience no matter where you are in the world - all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection!