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The Inception of Speak With Style

As much as the word ‘inception’ often triggers us to think of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, the meaning is far from just that. Inception usually refers to the beginning of something and here, you will read about how Speak With Style came to be.

Welcome to our Blog - my name is Marc and I am the founder of Speak With Style. Living in this sunny island we call Singapore, I started my career acting in local theatre productions before taking upon communication roles in the corporate world.

The corporate world unveiled a multitude of communication issues that people were facing on a daily basis - many of which were hard to ignore. I noticed colleagues passing up on opportunities to contribute at meetings, managers delivering unimaginably dry presentations and directors breaking cold sweats before speaking on stage. I watched as people of different backgrounds asked each other to repeat themselves because of difficulties understanding spoken English; and I found myself in such situations on several occasions too.

Being at the heart of it, I was only just beginning to realise how real communication barriers were, and how they affected relationships and productivity. Watching these issues manifest before me was not something that I could stand by idly. I wanted to help people, to inject confidence into my colleagues who shied away from making a difference during meetings. I wanted to help my international peers overcome their native speech barriers so they did not have to repeat themselves anymore. I wanted to help people overcome the many speech and language hurdles they came across everyday.

The English Language is captivating, if done right. By that point, only one thing was absolute - my desire to help people use this wonderful language to build meaningful relationships, shine at their workplace and empower themselves to communicate with confidence.

That is when I embarked on my journey and began coaching individuals from across Asia Pacific. I began working with non-native adult speakers on a range of communication elements such as their language skills for general and corporate situations, pronunciation techniques of the different sounds in English, articulation methods to enhance speech clarity and content curation to deliver captivating speeches and presentations with finesse.

Over time, I saw many of these speakers transform their spoken English and become more fluent in the language - it was like magic, only it wasn’t. It was hard work and hours of training. But it was worth it. Their confidence grew, and so did my motivation to continue making a visible difference. I knew it was working and I began to feel something brewing inside me. That feeling ignited my purpose and led to the inception of Speak With Style.

After several years of training and intensive research, I designed carefully curated content with a team of industry experts and put together the quality training courses we have here at Speak With Style. All of this was done with one goal in mind; to empower as many individuals with effective communication tools and strategies to unlock their full potential, both in their personal and professional lives.

It has been an incredible journey witnessing my vision and purpose come to life.

At SWS, we offer training courses that focus on English Language development, voice and speech enhancement and empowering individuals with public speaking confidence and techniques. We streamline our courses by adopting a strategic VOICE Framework™ that incorporates a variety of communication ingredients to transform individuals into dynamic and effective speakers.

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