Do you feel nervous when you speak in front of a large group of people? Have you ever lost the interest of your audience while delivering a presentation? Do you wish to learn powerful techniques to educate, persuade and empower others? 

Speak To Empower Programme dives into the strategic aspects of public speaking and effective presentation skills. This programme captures professional techniques adopted by iconic speakers around the world and uncovers key strategies to transform individuals into confident and engaging speakers, elevating their ability to deliver with eloquence and impact.


In this course, participants will learn:

  • How to assess their presentation delivery strengths and weaknesses

  • How to build confidence and eliminate the fear of speaking to large crowds

  • Strategic outlines used by professional speakers to craft impactful speeches

  • How to boost their delivery by adopting effective verbal and non-verbal communication elements

  • How to overcome harmful speaker mistakes that weaken the overall impact of a speech or presentation

  • How to analyse an audience’s psyche, grab their attention and evoke emotional responses from them

  • Powerful methods to influence, persuade or even sell through the art of persuasion

  • Effective rehearsing techniques that set speakers up for success

  • Strategies to tackle Q&A sessions and ace impromptu speeches

Speak To Empower Programme

Overcome your public speaking fears and empower others with inspiring speeches and presentations


This course is designed for anyone who wants to:

Transform into a confident and engaging speaker

Advance their career by seizing opportunities to present at their workplace

Develop well-crafted speeches or presentations

Present key ideas to management teams effectively

Motivate, influence or empower others towards a specific Call-to-Action

Secure an important deal or contract with clients and stakeholders


Certificate of Completion

Comprehensive Training Toolkit

Individual Recordings & Feedback

Meals & Refreshments
(for face-to-face workshops)

Post-Course Support


One Hour Complimentary Booster Session (1-to-1)


Course Schedule
Course Duration
2 Days (9am - 5pm)
Course Fee (Per Participant)

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