Speech Training Masterclass

Develop effective voice and speech techniques to transform the way you speak to others in English


Have you ever had to repeat yourself to others because they could not understand you clearly? Do you wish to learn techniques that will allow you to speak English more fluently? 

If you are someone who is required to speak in English, displaying clear and accurate speech patterns plays an important role in creating a positive impression of yourself to others.

Speech Training Masterclass is designed to polish your speech techniques and transform the way you communicate with others around you by learning how to speak with clarity, power and expression.


In this course, participants will learn:

  • How to assess their speech strengths and weaknesses through detailed analysis and individualised feedback

  • How our voice works and the different elements of vocal and speech delivery

  • Key techniques to effectively employ our in-built articulators to achieve maximum speech clarity

  • How to regulate effective vocal and breathing techniques to enhance vocal power and projection

  • To develop awareness of individual sounds in the English Language and how to accurately create them

  • The different tools of expressiveness that add inflection and rhythm to deliver messages with stronger impact

  • How to overcome detrimental speech patterns and mistakes that can instantly kill a speaker’s credibility


This course is designed for anyone who wants to:

Avoid miscommunications by overcoming improper pronunciation and other speech habits

Bring their speech to life by speaking with fluency and expression

Enhance their articulation and enunciation to create clear, accurate speech sounds

Gain confidence to speak more in their personal or professional life

Sound dynamic and credible by developing a strong and resonant voice

Develop a neutral accent and be universally understood by people from different backgrounds


Certificate of Completion

Comprehensive Training Toolkit

Individual Recordings & Feedback

Meals & Refreshments
(for face-to-face workshops)

Post-Course Support


One Hour Complimentary Booster Session (1-to-1)


Course Schedule
Course Duration
2 Days (9am - 5pm)
Course Fee (Per Participant)

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+65 88748214 or email us at
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